Gabrielle Grier

Contemporary Art Lab Lead


Masters of Education // Youth Development and Leadership
BA // Studio Art and Youth Studies
College of Education and Human Development International Educational Policy/Community Engagement Researcher // University of Minnesota
2018 University of Minnesota & YMCA-Strategic Impact Committee // Co-Chair
Started at JXTA in 2019


I am an artist, visionary, facilitator and participant of growth, perspective shifts and intentional responses to social and political change. With a strong focus on the exploration, documentation & claiming of cultural and historic identities, my work is filled with robust imagery, narrative and the essence of my spiritual existence.

I am contemporary in the sense that I am ever evolving, while being conscious of what ancestry has taught me. It is but of great homage and gratitude that I use what I have been gifted; the passion and ability to continue to create both pot and vessel that carries on tradition and voice. This is my job. My responsibility to my Creator and to the community which holds me.