JXTAlabs paid youth apprenticeships

Make Art. Get Paid.

Through our workforce development program, youth and young adults ages 14-21 are employed in year-round apprenticeships in art and design. Apprentices are trained and mentored by adult practicing artists, designers, and architects in five revenue-earning production studios, or JXTALabs. In JXTALabs, apprentices work on real projects for JXTA clients, customers, and our campus. Successful completion of one VALT session is required in order to be eligible to interview for a paid apprenticeship in JXTALabs. While students from around the Twin Cities participate in our programming, employment priority is given to Northside residents.

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It's a pretty unique program that doesn't really exist elsewhere in Minneapolis or nationally. One of the things we strive for is to show students that art isn't just a hobby, it's a way that you can make money and have a job.

Nate Young

JXTALabs Instructor

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JXTALabs apprenticeships are available young people ages 14-21 who have successfully completed VALT (Visual Art Literacy Training).