Design-based community engagement and urban planning

JXTA’s Tactical Lab uses design-based methods and tools to amplify neighborhood voice, build community knowledge, and interrupt patterns of disinvestment within our city.

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JXTA has helped me find my voice as an artist in order to 'be the change I want to see in the world.'

Makeda Parrish

Contemporary Art and Tactical Apprentice

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Design-based community engagement and urban planning

By combining art and design with urban planning, youth-directed research, and community engagement, we create people-focused interventions to facilitate conversations about public space.

 In JXTA’s Tactical Lab, youth apprentices work with artists, designers, urban planners, researchers, and community organizers to engage with people about issues that affect them in public spaces. Apprentices are trained in critical thinking, creative placemaking, and community organizing engagement practices to use people-focused interventions like mobile engagement bike carts, live screen printing, and games designed in-house to prompt a more equitable reimagining of public spaces and policies in our community.

Lab Leads

Adrienne Doyle
Tactical Lead and Development Associate
Sustainable Progress through Engaging Active Citizens (SPEAC) cohort member // 2014
JXTA alum
Started at JXTA in 2015
Kristen Murray
Program Director and Tactical Urbanism Lab Lead
MA Landscape Architecture with Public Policy // UMN Twin Cities
BA Electrical Engineering // Rice University
Started at JXTA in 2013


JXTALabs apprenticeships are available young people ages 14-21 who have successfully completed VALT.